A culturally-diverse
team with an
unstinting commitment
to our clients' vision.

We are a culturally-diverse
team with an unstinting
commitment to our clients'

And an unwavering commitment

to do the right thing, the first time.

An unwavering


to do the right thing

the first time.

Gonzalo Alatorre

Founder/Creative Principal

AKA “El Presidente” - Gonzalo is credited with discovering the Rolling Stones 40 years after everyone else.

Gonzalo is an award-winning designer, TEDx speaker, Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics logo creator, and recipient of the lifetime achievement award in applied arts award by the Government of Mexico.

Gonzalo also studied graphic design at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and a BSc in Mathematics and Evolutionary Biology from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

As a Creative Director, Gonzalo has a relentless commitment to our client’s vision and business objectives while making sure to empower the Etude team to not only realize their potential but build the confidence needed to tackle ever more complex projects, build productive working relationships with clients, and exceed all expectations.


Gonzalo is an aspiring woodsman with a fascination for the wind; he apparently does like some country music after all, especially if it has banjo in it. Gonzalo is still dreaming of dropping the word “yonder” into a conversation properly.

John Short

Creative Strategist & Designer

John consistently exceeds clients’ expectations. Trust us; you never knew your brand could look this good.

An award-winning designer, when he’s not trying to win over the office dog, John consistently exceeds clients’ expectations. Trust us; you never knew your brand could look this good.

John studied graphic design at Kingston University in England, co-founding a London-based design agency soon after.

Before moving to Vancouver, he worked as a designer in Sydney, Australia, and Calgary, Alberta, winning a few design awards along the way.

John loves creating concept-driven strategies and designs, and you’ll probably see him using white space with typography and splashes of strong colour to do so.

John represented Great Britain in international competitions in karate as a kid. Given how young he was, it is not clear if he can defend us, or only against 8-year olds.

Katie Date

Creative Strategist & Designer

Katie is a triple threat: artist, people person, and wizard of pixel-perfect design making balancing aesthetics and functionality look easy.

She has experience creating province-wide advertising campaigns, print publications, tradeshow environments, and digital marketing communications.


Outside of the office, you’ll find Katie trying out tasty new plant-based meals, testing out her snow legs on Mount Seymour, and she is our in-house Netflix expert.

Katie is always looking to push her skills to new heights. That’s strictly metaphorical, as you won’t ever find her at the top of a diving board or bungee jumping off a bridge.

Ben Regan

Creative Strategist & Designer

A former semi-pro baseball player and an enduring fan, Ben is best defined as calm, committed, and constantly smiling.

Ben brings purpose to our creative team and clarity to our clients.

He is a graduate of Humber College’s Graphic Design program, The Audio Recording Academy, and Western University. Before moving to Vancouver, he worked at studios in Toronto, crafting impactful visual identities and communications for an eclectic mix of clients.

Now, you’ll find him obsessing over user flows, HSB colours, and vertical spacing in an effort to ensure his UX and UI designs provide the friendliest of online experiences.

Ben likes to think of himself as well-rounded, but with a real fondness for local craft beer, he’s found himself becoming… well… rounder…


Yvonne Hsu

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

The wizard who turns our dreams into technicolour reality.

Yvonne studied graphic design at the University of Leeds with a year in industry, working with studios in Tokyo and London before moving to Vancouver.

Growing up as a third culture kid has allowed Yvonne to experience and understand the important variances and values in design between the East and the West.

A traditional designer at heart, she enjoys sketching her ideas out before taking them into the digital world.

The team at Etude secretly believes that Yvonne can see more colours than the rest of us and has secret names for them that only she and Sasquatch know about.

Kevin Meronuk

Lead Developer

Kevin under promises and over-delivers. A natural talent for turning complex problems into simple solutions.

Kevin has developed close to 100 websites, intranets and interactive solutions for many industries. With management roles and as a senior consultant, he’s exceptionally versed in open-source web technologies, usability and security.

With a natural talent for turning complex problems into simple solutions, Kevin ensures clients enjoy and benefit from stable, secure and healthy websites.

His colleagues suspect that he dreams in astronomical numbers and knows the right question to the answer 42. Some say that he also does not know the meaning of the sentence “can’t program this that you are asking.”

Brent Leung

Senior Developer

The developer of our dreams. Brent has never been stumped by an idea, and how to make it work in CSS.

Brent is a seasoned, award-winning web developer with experience on 100+ websites of varying degrees of complexity demonstrates strong experience in web coding, team collaboration, client service and project management of complex, built-from-scratch websites that maximize user experience.

Brent combines technical precision with a fresh, creative approach while pushing the boundaries of “the typical” to customize websites that best meet the goals of each project.

While Brent uses frontier technology to build websites, he’s a Luddite at heart and needs coworkers’ help to load a GIF in Slack – rumour has it that others in the office do as well; they are just ashamed to own it.

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