Our clients are
changing the world.
We support
their vision with

Our clients are
changing the world.
We support their vision with
award-winning clarity.

Because award-winning

design focused on clarity

is compelling, memorable,

and exciting.



design focused

on creativity

is compelling,


and exciting.


Beautiful, pre-built intranets for Office 365 and SharePoint, ending with better engagement, collaboration and productivity for your organization.

  • Expertly Positioned

    The Stress-Free Intranet

  • 164

    Custom Icons Designed

  • 35+

    VIP Leads Generated in the 1st Month

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BTY Group:
Award-Winning Brand Identity

At Etude.Digital, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive solutions to our clients. In our collaboration with BTY Group, a leading construction cost consulting and infrastructure advisory firm, we helped them strengthen their brand identity and enhance their online presence.

  • 300+

    Projects Completed

  • 19 Offices


  • 10+ Years

    of Partnership

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CEO Forums

CEO Forums

Discover how Etude Digital has transformed the online presence of MacKay CEO Forums, enhancing its visibility and helping business leaders unlock their potential.

  • Populating the world

    with inspiring leaders

  • 1,200+

    CEOs around the world

  • Intranet for members

    Built with Wordpress & Salesforce

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Shon Group
Realty Advisors

Custom-tailored property and asset management solutions since 1954.

  • 60+

    Years in Business

  • Fresh & Sophisticated

    A new look for an established brand

  • 4,000,000

    SF of real estate

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Conferences & Accommodations

Conference facilities and meeting venues with style.

  • 12+

    Years of collaboration

  • 3 Audiences

    Travellers, conferences, academics

  • Full integration

    Booking systems and ERPs

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Starling Minds removes the biggest barriers to mental health treatment.

  • Online

    Mental Health Platform

  • 200+

    Custom Icons and Illustrations

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Property Group

Discover how Etude Digital helped Uptown Property Group create a powerful online presence with first-class website design, branding, and marketing materials.

  • 12+ years

    of collaboration

  • A consistent brand

    for six buildings

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Anvil Centre

Anvil Centre is a vibrant cultural venue and boutique conference centre located in the heart of New Westminster.

  • 11 Years

    of supporting the Anvil brand.

  • 3 audiences, 1 venue

    Where culture, community, and commerce meet

  • 5 years

    From being a dream to a fully booked venue

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Work Made Simple in Office 365 & Microsoft Teams

  • Complex solution

    Clearly positioned

  • 9 Awards Won

    in 2019, 2021, and 2022

  • Content driven

    User focused

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Catapult ERP

Exceptional Brand Strategy, Identity, and Website Design for a Leading Cloud-Based ERP Solution

  • 8+ Years

    of collaboration

  • 3 iterations

    of brand strategy and website

  • 1 consistent

    brand identity

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Tonic Active Wear

Strong. Smart. Beautiful. Nothing feels like Tonic.

  • 51


  • 2 lines

    Yoga & Tennis

  • Competing

    Against Giants

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