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Great Logo Design: #1 Way to Get it Right

Gonzalo Alatorre

Founder/Creative Principal, étude Digital

At Etude Digital, we believe that in this era of over-stimulation and visual excess, a company's brand identity serves as a crucial representation of its brand, often being the first - and sometimes only - interaction a company will have with its audience. Therefore, companies must prioritize simplicity and clarity in their logo design, shunning the latest fads and trends in the process.

Simplicity and clarity breed recognition and memorability. A well-designed brand identity should be effortlessly recognizable, even when reduced in size or viewed from a distance. The reverse, however, is also true: a complex or fashionable brand identity can prove problematic and may even be misunderstood.

In Brand Identities, Less is More

A simple logo, however, possesses a timeless quality that makes it versatile and enduring. It can be utilized across various platforms and on diverse surfaces without sacrificing impact. By contrast, a trendy logo can rapidly appear outdated, necessitating frequent revision to keep pace with changing design trends.

Moreover, a simple and straightforward brand identity is cost-effective for the company. Its implementation requires fewer resources, and it can be replicated in various forms without any loss of integrity. Conversely, complex logo designs necessitate substantial graphic design and may incur additional expenses when it comes to reproduction and implementation across different media.

At Etude Digital, we believe the importance of simplicity and clarity in the design and development of a brand identity cannot be overstated. A straightforward logo guarantees recognition, versatility, and cost-effectiveness while standing the test of time. By focusing on simplicity, clarity, and memorability, organizations can ensure that they make a lasting impression and their brand remains easily recognizable for years to come. Above all, it allows brands to stand out in a market saturated with noisy sameness.

There is a certain level of genius and elegance in simplicity in a great logo design.
Don’t you think?

Here is an additional perspective into what makes a great logo.


Gonzalo Alatorre

Founder/Creative Principal

AKA “El Presidente” - Gonzalo Alatorre is credited with discovering the Rolling Stones 40 years after everyone else.
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